Metlfab’s Conflict Minerals Declaration

Metlfab is aware of the impact that minerals found in consumer and commercial based electronics have, in propagating the humanitarian crisis in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. At this point in time, the trepidations are with precious metals such as gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten which are being exported from this particular region.

The current “Conflict Minerals Law” dictates supply chain due diligence and public disclosure related to the source of these minerals. Metlfab is committed to fulfilling this regulation and plans to abide by impending guidelines to facilitate the description of Metlfab products as being “DRC Conflict Free”.

Metlfab has worked with its primary suppliers which procure these metals, to express our concern about this issue and have requested documentation validating their efforts to ensure the materials they purchase from their supply chain are “conflict free”. Metlfab’s primary suppliers have documented their efforts of addressing the issue of conflict minerals, and as time goes on, Metlfab is committed to assisting and inspiring their efforts to deal with these multifaceted issues.

With this understanding, Metlfab has investigated the primary suppliers and have determined, to the best of our ability, that no materials purchased have originated in the DRC.

Metlfab shall continue to monitor our primary suppliers to assure that they and their suppliers continue to use DRC conflict free minerals.


Peter Allen

Metlfab, Incorporated
7340 Executive Way Suite D
Frederick, MD 21704