Metlfab employs detailed, in-process inspections as well as final inspections prior to packaging and shipment.

In scanning, the Contura probe system captures a sequence of closely adjacent points by following a contour in a single, uninterrupted measuring process. By covering the workpiece surface as completely as possible, the actual shape of the part can be precisely measured.

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Zeiss Contura Universal 3D
Bridge Type CMM

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With METALSOFT's advanced vision inspection machine, FabriVISION, First Article Inspection (FAI) of flat parts is now a quick, automated process.

Designed specifically for the sheet metal industry, FabriVISION cuts first-article inspection time to minutes, makes reverse engineering simple, improves efficiency and reduces errors.

The program can also automatically collect inspection results for evaluation using SPC (statistical process control) methodology.

The Scanmax universal 3D probe permits workpieces to be captured in their entirety by continuous-contact scanning. You literally have size, form and location information at your fingertips, obtained directly beside the machine tool.

The ultra-precise, integrated roller bearings guarantee running accuracies of well below 1 µm, minimum friction, absolute freedom from backlash and maximum rigidity.

This design quality eliminates the possibility of random errors from the roller bearings which cannot be compensated for.

The complete 3D evaluation of the workpiece geometry conforms to DIN 32880.
Zeiss Scanmax Articulating Arm 3D CMM

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